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Worship Pastor or Karaoke Singer? — 10,000 Fathers Worship School

Tragedy struck a family in our church and, while visiting their house, I was called upon to lead worship for a room of grieving family members, with no monitors, no lights, no haze, no band, no confidence monitor, and no advance notice.

And in that moment I found myself with nothing to sing and even less to say.I remember strumming very poorly through part of a hymn, mumbling a prayer, and leaving the house crushed by my inability to pastor these beautiful people during this precious moment in their lives I had been invited into. Of course, they were incredibly gracious, but I knew that I had failed.

I know, I know… God doesn’t need us and all that jazz… but God does call us and gives the great dignity of participating with with Him in ministry, and I had blown it. I spent the next several weeks and months questioning everything… my calling, my identity, my anointing, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love all the “stuff.” I really do. There is nothing like leading a great band, with great instruments and a pristine in-ear mix. The “stuff” wasn’t the problem… I was the problem. I had become completely dependent on the peripheral things I’d added to make everything sound more excellent, look more professional, and assist (me and my team) in performing at the highest level of excellence.

And believe me… the “stuff” makes it way, way easier to produce an excellent Sunday morning service. But…