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Christ Church East Bay – Berkley, CA

Worship Pastor | Berkley, CA

Job Title:

Worship Pastor


$100,000-130,000 depending on level of experience and expertise.

Church Website:

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Church Overview:

Christ Church East Bay is located one block off the main street in beautiful Berkley, CA, just 10 minutes from Oakland, 30 minutes from San Francisco, and 45 minutes from Napa Valley.

Job Description:


This church is led by Jonathan St. Clair, an old college friend of mine (Aaron). Jonathan and his wife Catherine are two of the kindest and most caring people you’ll ever meet. This is a beautiful, intellectual, and liturgical church with a leaning towards the ancient in its blend of old & new. They love fresh worship, but also highly value our rootedness in history.


Just one Sunday morning service, 300-400 people in a diverse congregation, reformed theology, liturgical-lite, & affirming of women. Blocks away from UC Berkley with a limitless potential for impact/discipleship with brilliant students from all around the world.


Worship Culture

They have good musicians (some volunteer, some paid) and a high value on musical excellence and creativity, but the setting is more high-church—grand piano on stage, musicians tucked into a choir loft, not lasers and hazers (See video for a preview).


The worship pastor who’s been there for over a decade has done lots of original music and the congregation is ready for something more accessible, more intimate, more energetic, and more responsive to moments where they could simply minister to the Lord. They love hymns but also long for simple moments of pause and selah.

They’re especially hungry for a worship pastor who could help pastor the congregation in alignment with the leadership, instead of just lead in singing; this is something they’ve never had. Professional is good, but not at the expense of the pastoral.

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