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Westminster Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, NC

Worship Pastor | Charlotte, NC

Job Title:

Worship Pastor


$75,000 - $95,000

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Church Overview:

The congregation is growing rapidly, filled with highly capable professionals and loads of young families who want to worship in the heart of the city without sacrificing either historical depth or biblical fidelity. Members at Westminster have a broad background of denominational experience, and all unite around the mission of this church. There is a joyful spirit of vitality here with a strong community of lay leaders in the church as well who are eager to embrace and support whoever steps into this role.

Job Description:

“Congregational participation is the number one priority for this role. There’s nothing in second place, then there’s lots of other things tied for third.”

This quote from Pastor Owen Stepp sums it up well. This is a beautiful, liturgical, blended (with a leaning towards the traditional) church with a world-class organist on part-time staff near downtown Charlotte that is looking to add more consistency in the contemporary expression of its worship culture without losing the beautiful and classical elements they already enjoy. Ps. Owen is remarkable in his brilliant mind and humble leadership and preaching styles, and he would be an incredible pastor to work for. They affirm women in leadership as well, so this role can be filled by a man or a woman.

Westminster hasn’t had a contemporary worship leader on-staff before, so this worship director will be birthing a blended worship culture from an already beautiful and established traditional culture. They’ve got various levels of volunteers who are involved on piano, guitar, bass, and vocals (including a small choir that sings every so often). It’s simple production; there are no drums nor electric guitars on stage; the traditional sanctuary was designed with the pipe organ as the centerpiece and while it will still drive the sound for some songs, it’s also used as a tasteful and gorgeous texture in the mix on other songs. Heather, the organist, is phenomenal

There’s a growing hunger in the congregation and leadership for moments in the worship set where the heart can connect with the head, and where they can encounter God. They’ve not had anyone akin to a worship pastor to shepherd them into growing affection for God or the warming of the heart in worship. Neither have they had a competent musician with the heart and training of a pastor to help shepherd the congregation and make disciples.

Anyone who would lead worship here will need to value classical music and thoughtful lyrics. While the worship director doesn’t need to be a classically trained musician, they will need to honor the role that this will play in the future of this church. They’ll need to 1) shepherd the congregation into thoughtful worship that incorporates consistency, modernity, hymnody and liturgy, 2) galvanize, direct, and develop the many volunteers (band and singers) who already serve faithfully–reading music would help but isn’t a dealbreaker–and, 3) cast vision to the team for how this culture can evolve in the coming season to celebrate both the mind and the spirit, the head and the heart, the old and the new.

The right leader will absolutely flourish here, as will the church under their leadership. This is an incredible opportunity for the right person. One Sunday morning service at 11am, for as long as they’re able to keep from going to two.


403(b) + Health Insurance Stipend

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