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A Few 'Must Have' Apps for Musicians

Phone and tablet apps have made learning, playing, and enhancing music better than ever. With literally thousands of options, you could spend valuable practice and play time scrolling through the myriad of options. Below are some of the best apps we’ve found to help you build skill, organize your music, and have fun!

For Singers 



Swift Scales offers a wide variety of built in vocal scales and warm ups. One specific feature that makes it stand out is the ability to build your own exercises. If there’s a part of a song that is difficult to hit, you can make an exercise out of the vocal run. Swift Scales also offers advanced training such as breath control, pitch, and vocal health.

Pocket Pitch


A sleek, no frills pitch pipe. Always handy when a song starts right off with vocals.

DJ Voxchanger


Extreme vocal effects. In the right context, can be very effective in applying new textures to your soundscape, though we suggest using it sparingly.

Harmony Voice

Price: $6.99

This app is just good plain fun. It offers a variety of options for harmonizing with yourself. You can apply effects to your vocals and change you key in realtime. It also provides a pitch visualizer so you can see how in tune your pitch is. This app should also be used sparingly :).

For Guitarists


Price: $9.99

Amplitube is the most comprehensive amplifier and effects modeling software for mobile devices. You have a wide variety of amps, effects pedals, and microphones to help shape your sound, all of which are intuitive in their controls. If you are tired of carrying around heavy, fragile gear, this is the app for you.

Tabs and Chords


Now boasting 1.4 million tabs, Tabs and Chords is a vast and quick reference that’s easy to follow. If you ever find yourself wanting to quickly learn a new favorite song, or needing to brush up on a classic oldie right before service, Tabs and Chords has you covered.

Guitar Tricks


Mobile, effective lessons for players of every level. They offer videos, and text for each lesson, divided into chapters so it’s easy to digest just a little at a time.

Chord Bank


Quickly reference obscure chords, or learn new positions for the chords you already know!

For Pianists


Cost: $14.99

An in depth and intuitive notation app that is compatible with a desktop version. You can record notes directly into the software using a midi keyboard, play the notes on a built in virtual keyboard, or hand edit the staff music. This makes full orchestra composing, or simple notation, easy on the go. 



Ear training, sight reading, and rhythm exercises for all skill levels. As musicians, we always need to be honing our fundamental skills.


Cost: $9.99

A virtual, analog synthesizer packed with classic and modern sounds. If you need just a touch of synth tones in liven up a song, but don’t have a full keyboard to dedicate, this app works wonders.

For Drummers

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

Cost: $2.99

The name says it all.

Auxy Studio


A simple loop editor equipped with over 50 unique tones and drum kits. Tracks can be exported as midi files or audio stems for DAW or live use.


Cost: $4.99

Impaktor is a drum synth app that let’s you drum anywhere. Literally! Just pull up the app, set your device on the table, and drum with your hands, spoons, pens, or whatever else you find! Your device’s built in microphone picks up the frequencies and turns them into a range of tones. These can be triggered later in a live performance or added to a recording.

For Everyone!



Every musicians should always have a tuner and metronome handy. Instead of juggling two separate apps and trying to bounce between them, run with Practice+.

Voice Memo


If you find yourself in a situation when you don’t have the time to sit down and really flesh out an idea, use voice memo to quickly record lyrics, melodies, rhythms to reference later.


Cost: $3.99

Music theory is a tool every musician can use. Tenuto teaches theory through a series of fun quizzes.



GarageBand is full of different keyboards, drum sets, guitars, and basses. You can record simple ideas or create intricate songs and arrangements, which are all, of course, compatible with the desktop version of Garageband.