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While 10KFAM is not primarily a Placement service, we do have a network of Worship Pastors and churches who frequently reach out to inquire about job/hiring opportunities. We love getting to connect individuals from our network with churches who are in search of leaders with high character and competency.

Whether you’re a church looking to hire a Worship Leader, or a Worship Leader searching for a job, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon!

Scroll below to see a few testimonials from Lead Pastors who used 10KFAM for Placement Services.

“I don’t know where we would be as a church without the ministry of 10KFAM. There may not be a harder hire for a church to make than finding a Worship Leader. There also may not be a more vital one.  It’s vital to cultivating a heart of worship in those who are followers of Jesus. And it’s vital to creating an apologetic of beauty that stirs the curiosity of non-Christians. 10KFAM connected us to someone who has helped us do both. 

We found a true leader. Someone who has been discipled and trained in this calling. Someone who understands that character is even more important than competency. Someone who loves the church and loves Christ and has the heart and skill to help others move in that direction alongside her.

I could not be more grateful for this ministry.”

Brent webster

Pastor of Resurrection Oakland Church

“Having Hayes join the Brandywine Valley family has been such an incredible gift to our congregation and our leadership team. One of the first encouragements about Hayes I received was from a long-time worship volunteer who said, ‘Hayes is the first shepherd in the worship ministry our church has ever had.’ 

Her comment strikes at one of the problems we have seen in church worship ministries: lots of talent, but little depth of leadership and shepherding. Hayes not only has the skill to lead musically, but he has the ability to solve problems, lead team members and spiritual nourish the flock both on stage and in life. We are so grateful for the investment of Aaron and 10KFAM in the lives of Hayes and Bethany Parnell!”

Nate keeler

Pastor of Brandywine Valley Baptist Church