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While 10KFAM is not primarily a Placement Firm, we do have a network of worship pastors and churches who frequently reach out to inquire about job/hiring opportunities. We love getting to connect individuals from our network with churches who are in search of leaders with high character and competency, so we’ve built out a formalized process for these services.

Whether you’re a candidate or a church representative, our process begins by getting to know you and your unique history, vision, and values. Through site visits and guided conversations, we work hard to understand what the best cultural and contextual fit will be between our churches and candidates. We then connect churches and suitable candidate matches, providing resumes and recordings and facilitating initial interviews. Once a church makes the hire, your contract includes six months of coaching, tailored to the personal needs of the candidate and/or church to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support.

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When it comes to finding a new church home to serve as a worship leader, we understand the unique needs, desires, and even concerns you have in making such a big decision. With over 15 years of experience training Worship Pastors, we know what it takes to empower leaders like you to thrive in your ministry and we’re here to walk with you every step of the way. Our approach is highly relational, not database-driven, and we think you’ll experience some great advantages of entering into the job search journey in this way.

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Relative to the bigger and more database-driven search firms, we have several key distinctives that we see as mighty advantages. We have spent the last 15 years training Worship Pastors; our curriculum is proven, our methods are fruitful, and our track record speaks for itself. We know how to empower leaders.

The types of leaders that come through 10KFAM value both character and competency, they’ve been poured into and have learned how to pour into others. They know what the slow growth of discipleship looks like and care about much more than simply pulling off Sunday mornings well. They want to build community and shape culture. If this is the kind of leader you’re looking for, we’d love to help make the connection!

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