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About Us

For centuries, there have been well-worn roads for senior pastors and other church leaders to be trained for their work in ministry – bible college, seminary, divinity school – but as a worship pastor, where do you go to get trained biblically and artistically, culturally and skillfully?

There are many people teaching worship leaders these days, but very few places you can go to be fathered and mothered to become what God’s gifted and called you to become. For over 15 years, 10KFAM (10,000 Fathers & Mothers) has been committed to raising and releasing spiritual mothers and fathers who creatively shape the future of the church. We nurture worship leaders who lead songs to become worship pastors who lead people.

It’s a move from internship (come meet with me) to discipleship (come follow and share life with me). It’s good to have teachers, to get information, but who is building and transforming you? Who is investing in you and walking with you?

At 10KFAM, we have the pleasure of training, discipling, and walking alongside worship leaders through the 10KFAM Worship School. We are also uniquely positioned to offer strategic support to leaders, churches, and ministries in their own contexts through our Consulting and Placement services.


For OVER fifteen years, 10KFAM has been empowering leaders to become spiritual mothers and fathers who creatively shape the future of the church.

Developing leaders is good, but discipling them is critical. This is what we’re about, because this is what Jesus was about. And this is what changed the world. 

In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul said, “Even if you had 10,000 teachers, you do not have many fathers…” There are no shortage of teachers transferring information, leaders performing onstage. But what’s most needed is least offered: spiritual mothers and fathers, raising up kingdom families.

10KFAM Team

Lauren Settembrini

Executive Director


Paul Reeves

Spiritual Director

Jonathan Swindal

Accounting Director


Lauren Comes

Social Media Specialist

Tiffany Jones

Operations &
Logistics Coordinator

Abby Dingus



10KFAM Coaches

All of our coaches have experienced the same life change through 10,000 Fathers & Mothers Worship School that we hope to see nurtured in our students. They are each remarkable worship pastors in their own contexts, as well as experienced coaches who know how to walk with leaders through the regular rigors of ministry leadership. These are faithful men and women who we have seen lovingly come alongside others to greatly fruitful effect. The vast majority of our coaches also hold post-graduate degrees – either Master of Arts in Worship, Masters of Divinity, or Spiritual Direction certificates.