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Worship School

Seminaries have trained pastors for generations. Mission agencies prepare missionaries to go across cultures. Bible colleges equip youth pastors with tools for effective student ministry. Incredibly, most worship leaders have never been trained in these ways.

We Can Help

Many senior leaders still feel insufficiently prepared for what they’re facing in their leadership and real-life contexts.

Due to the lack of in-depth, formational training, countless leaders all over the world live with a constant sense of inadequacy, insecurity, and ill-preparedness. They feel that they’ve been given a task without any tools, training, or tactics. Unsurprisingly, many burn out, give up, or stagnate in discouragement. Few flourish.

We’ve received scores of such anointed men and women who are selflessly leading their communities, churches, and parishes towards faithfully worshiping and following Jesus for the sake of the world–but have had little, if any, actual training, purposeful coaching, or spiritual mentoring.

10KFAM Worship School, partnered with New Life Church in Colorado Springs, is the preeminent training opportunity for worship leaders, songwriters, and pastors to come together for a season of purposeful investment, practical instruction, and profound life change.

How It Works

The Worship School is designed to be completed in three, six-month Tracks. Each Track begins with an onsite Intensive and is followed by six months of once-a-week online coaching that happens in Huddles. During the onsite Intensives, we spend five days together in an immersive experience where we focus on what we’ll be working through for the next six months via the online Huddle. We have designed our Intensives to give you great teaching, great community and great food. Hospitality is an essential aspect of life and living out worship.  So, we invite you into our homes and our hearts for this journey. We begin each Intensive by having dinner on the first day, and we finish before lunch on the last.

We do offer a fully online version of Worship School! For more information on that, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Track 1 focuses primarily on character, Track 2 on competence, and Track 3 brings it all together by giving practical discipleship training so students are fully equipped to begin building culture by discipling leaders in their own context. Tuition for each Track is $3,000. This covers lodging, meals, and activities at the Intensive as well as the six months of weekly online Huddles that follow once students return home. 

Classes range in size, with as few as 8, and as many as 30 people. Your coaching Huddle will be approximately 5-9 people. We intentionally keep classes small so that each student gets as much time as possible with our team. 


Nov 6-10, 2023

Our Intensives are held approximately every 6 months – once in the spring, once in the fall. Tracks 1, 2, and 3 are all held during the same week so students have the opportunity to interact with those in other Tracks between sessions and at meals.


$9,000 over 18 months

Payment plans are available. A $750 non-refundable deposit is required before the Intensive to confirm your spot. The remaining tuition balance can either be paid in full or spread out monthly over the 6-month Track. Each student is responsible for their own travel expenses.


Colorado Springs, CO

The Intensive weeks are held onsite in Colorado Springs, CO and followed by six months of weekly coaching in online Huddles once students return home.

Our commitment to the well-rounded training and education of Worship Pastors in particular has led to the formation of a unique partnership with Visible Music College. Students’ time at 10,000 Fathers & Mothers Worship School counts towards both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree credits at Visible Music College. Visit our Degree Programs page for more information.

A more in-depth look at our curriculum can be found here:

Travel & Accommodations: Students are responsible for travel to and from the Intensive. We will provide local ground transportation, accommodations, and meals throughout the Intensive week.

Note:  We can no longer accept applications from students under the age of 20.

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