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Our 10KFAM Consulting Service is for Pastors and Worship Leaders looking for more focused help on either their own leadership or congregational issues.

10KFAM Consulting is the platform whereby we’re able to bring our experience and expertise to bear on your worship leader’s particular needs. 

While the idea of a ‘consultant’ may bring to mind a heartless outsider who’s personally uninvested and emotionally disconnected, our process will be far from that. We like to be highly relational, consummately professional, and deeply prayerful about how we can best walk with your leader.

Although our consulting services can be engaged without any onsite visit from our consultant/s, we recommend at the very least an initial onsite visit to establish the relationship, observe the culture, and meet the team in person.

Once we engage with a church for consulting, we’ll work with the pastor to identify the most pressing challenges they’d like us to address in the coming months. After the first onsite, we’ll debrief and clarify the anticipated path of development and from there we’re off and running.

Each month will have assigned work for the worship leader to complete, tailored to the previously agreed-upon goals. These could include reading assignments, video viewings, essays, podcasts, blogs, etc. We will expect the worship leader to complete all assignments and come to our sessions ready to discuss and do some work. This PDF contains examples of an onsite visit layout, as well as options of topics for the monthly calls.

consulting options:


Economy Consulting gives you 6 monthly Zoom calls with a seasoned Worship Pastor. These calls can be with either the individual Worship Leader from your church, or with members from a staff team. 



Basic Consulting includes one initial Sunday site visit in addition to 6 monthly Zoom calls. This option gives us an opportunity to build more relational connection with your leader, and to see the culture first hand to inform potential areas for growth. 


*Travel expenses in addition


Premium Consulting includes TWO Sunday site visits – one at the start of the process, and one at the end – in addition to 6 monthly Zoom calls. This is the most immersive, effective option to ensure your leader/team is on a trajectory of measurable growth.


*Travel expenses in addition

All of our 10KFAM Consultants have been through our Worship School, hold Masters level Seminary degrees, have years of full-time ministry experience, and have coached multiple huddles through the 10KFAM process. After a preliminary conversation with one of our staff members, we will recommend the particular consultant/coach we believe is the best fit.

If you’re interested in our Consulting services, please complete the form below.  A member of our team will reach out to schedule a time to talk further specifics/scheduling.