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Churches seeking worship pastors

While 10KFAM is not primarily a Placement service, we do have a network of Worship Pastors and churches who frequently reach out to inquire about job/hiring opportunities. We love getting to connect individuals from our network with churches who are in search of leaders with high character and competency.

Connect with our network of leaders

our 4 step process

1. get to know you

We will journey with you in the hiring process, getting to know who you are and where you’re going through a site visit and a series of guided conversations. We’ll work to gain a clear understanding of your church culture and context, as well as and your needs for this important role.

2. find your leader

Drawing from our network of trained Worship Pastors, we will send resumes and recordings of a few quality candidates to you. We will facilitate the first interview(s) with each candidate to guide the conversation on behalf of both parties.

3. oNsite invites

For the candidates you are seriously considering, we ask you to invite them to visit and lead worship for your church. This gives them an opportunity to meet and hear from key leaders directly, get to know your town, and for both of you to discern whether it’s the right fit.

4. THE hire is made!

What a beautiful and exciting thing! Your contract with us includes 6 months of coaching once your new Worship Pastor starts the job. We’ll work with senior leaders or direct reports to tailor a coaching plan with personal goals and measurable outcomes to ensure the smoothest transition for everyone.

It is that easy!


Relative to the bigger and more database-driven search firms/placement agencies, we have several key distinctives that we see as mighty advantages. We have spent the last 15 years training Worship Pastors; our curriculum is proven, our methods are fruitful, and our track record speaks for itself. We know how to empower leaders.


We maintain deep relationships with our students and alumni, knowing our leaders and their potential. We also spend extra time to get to know any candidates who come to us prior to going through Worship School before putting them before a church.

Our recommendations are highly relational, providing access to unique candidates and advocating for you with them.


Our Worship School produces graduates who embody hunger, humility, and perseverance as Worship Pastors. For candidates who have not yet gone through the School, we require them to watch and process several teachings with our team before we agree to represent them.

A leader willing to submit themselves to the process we require of them speaks incredibly highly of their character and teachability.


We include six months of personal and professional coaching after they start their new position with you.

This is tailored to your context (and your new hire) by collaborating with the other senior leaders during this critical time of transition.

“We found a true leader. Someone who has been discipled and trained in this calling. Someone who understands that character is even more important than competency. Someone who loves the church and loves Christ and has the heart and skill to help others move in that direction alongside her.

I could not be more grateful for this ministry.”

Brent webster

Pastor of Resurrection Oakland Church

“Having Hayes join the Brandywine Valley family has been such an incredible gift to our congregation and our leadership team. Hayes not only has the skill to lead musically, but he has the ability to solve problems, lead team members and spiritual nourish the flock both on stage and in life. We are so grateful for the investment of 10KFAM in the lives of Hayes and Bethany Parnell!”

Nate keeler

Pastor of Brandywine Valley Baptist Church

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