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Candidates Seeking Placement

While 10KFAM is not primarily a Placement service, we do have a network of Worship Pastors and churches who frequently reach out to inquire about job/hiring opportunities. We love getting to connect individuals from our network with churches who are in search of leaders with high character and competency.

Our process

1. get to know you

One of our recruiters will reach out to connect with you and learn what you’re looking for in a Worship Pastor position. Through a series of conversations and interactions, we take the time to get to know you personally, your unique talents, aspirations, and the qualities you seek in a church community. This step allows us to ensure a customized approach to finding the right fit for you. We’ll also provide feedback on your resume and video recordings before connecting you with churches.

2. CHURCH Interviews

We will serve as the bridge between you and the churches actively seeking a full time Worship Pastor. We’ve spent time onsite and had many conversations with the churches in order to get to know them and what they’re looking for. We carefully match your experience and preferences with those churches where there’s alignment and send them your resume and recordings. If a church is interested in interviewing you, we’ll help facilitate that process.

3. site visit

After a few interviews, churches will typically want to bring you onsite to lead worship on a Sunday so you can spend more time together in person and see if it’s the right fit. While there, you’ll meet with their team and community members to get as much of a feel for their culture and context as possible. They’ll also want to introduce you to the new town you might be calling home!

4. THE hire is made!

If a church makes you an offer, we can help facilitate hiring conversations if necessary. As part of our commitment to your success, our contract includes 6 months of coaching. During this period, we work closely with you and the senior leaders or direct reports to tailor a coaching plan that aligns with your personal goals. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition and provide ongoing support as you settle into your role as a Worship Pastor. This is big transition in your life as well as the church’s, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

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About Worship School

Our commitment to raising up exceptional worship leaders led us to establish 10KFAM Worship School in 2008. We focus on cultivating godly and gifted musicians, singers, songwriters, and worship pastors. If you’re an Alumni, we’ve gotten to know you well over that 18-month journey!

If you haven’t yet gone through Worship School, we encourage you to do so! While it’s not a requirement for us to represent you for Placement, the churches that contract with us are particularly interested in leaders who’ve received this type of training, mentorship, and equipping for long-term success in ministry.


When it comes to finding a new church to serve as a worship leader, we understand the unique needs and desires you have in this important role. Unlike larger, database-driven search firms or placement agencies, we offer several key distinctives that we believe provide significant advantages for your search. With over 15 years of experience training worship leaders, we have developed a proven curriculum, fruitful methods, and an impressive track record that speaks for itself. Our focus is on empowering leaders like you to thrive in your ministry.


We maintain deep relationships with our students and alumni, knowing our leaders and their potential. We also spend extra time to get to know any candidates who come to us prior to going through Worship School before putting them before a church.

Our recommendations are highly relational, providing you access to unique churches and advocating you to them.


If you are a worship leader seeking a new church, we invite you to engage with our teachings and process before we offer our representation.

By willingly embracing this journey, you demonstrate admirable character traits and a teachable spirit. It showcases your humility and sincere desire to continue growing in your calling as a worship leader.


We include six months of personal and professional coaching after you start your new position with your new church.

This is tailored to your church’s context by collaborating with the other senior leaders during this critical time of transition.

“We’re so grateful to the 10KFAM team for walking with us through this placement! God used them to facilitate a perfect match for our family and ministry enabled by the relationships built during our time in Worship School and Mere Worship.”

Hayes and Bethany Parnell

“I had an incredible experience with the 10KFAM placement process. They considered my personal and spiritual needs in a church home as well as my professional capabilities as a worship leader. 

The process of leaving my home and family was handled with care and precision and there was no hardship associated with the transition. 

I’m grateful for leaders who have knowledge, wisdom and experience to not only train and disciple leaders, but to also send them out into to the world to do the work of the Lord in healthy, life-giving environments.”

Marquita Anthony

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