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Worship in Europe — 10,000 Fathers Worship School

So much of what God’s done in worship around the world was born in Europe.

I think about the Reformers who reimagined worship in Geneva, Germany, Czechoslovakia.

I’ve treasured the Timeless sacred hymns from Sweden, England, Ireland.

I remember the Timeless sacred art from France, Italy, & Spain.

Europe has ushered in Renewal movements that have blended an ancient faith with renewed expectancy, reliance, and dependency on the Holy Spirit…

My formative years in worship were shaped by leaders like Stuart Townend, Robin Mark, Kathryn Scott and Paul Oakley. The last ten years of my life has been enriched by leaders like Godfrey Birtill, Marc James, & Tim Hughes.

My experience is limited but I’m so inspired by what God is doing in Scotland, Denmark, Norway, and throughout the UK.

10,000 Fathers feels a deep resonance with what God is doing in worship throughout Europe. Last year we started our first European worship school class. We spent five rich days together, and have been journeying together ever since through weekly video conference and coaching calls.