Next Worship School Track Begins October 21-25, 2024
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Lead Pastors

Raising and releasing spiritual mothers & fathers who creatively shape the future of the Church

why choose 10kFAm

For centuries, there have been well-worn roads for Seniors Pastors and other church leaders to be trained for their work in ministry – bible college, seminary, divinity school – but where can Worship Pastors go to get trained biblically and artistically, culturally and skillfully? If you’re reading this, we want you to know that at 10KFAM, our heart is to equip and empower Worship Pastors to have a growing understanding of the Church, a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, and a fully deployed set of gifts. Practically, we teach that worship should be theologically insightful, congregationally accessible, and artistically beautiful.

Our aim, however, is not to be merely informational, but transformational. There are many people teaching worship leaders these days, but very few places they can go to be fathered and mothered to become what God’s gifted and called them to become. We nurture worship leaders who lead songs to become worship pastors who lead people. Ultimately, our hope is that the men and women who come through Worship School grow from simply being ‘leaders’ and step into their calling as spiritual fathers and mothers who creatively shape the future of the Church.

about THE Worship School

10KFAM Worship School, partnered with New Life Church in Colorado Springs, is the preeminent training opportunity for worship leaders, songwriters, and pastors to come together for a season of purposeful investment, practical instruction, and profound life change. Developing leaders is good, but discipling them is critical. This is what 10KFAM Worship School is about because it’s what Jesus was about. And this is what changed the world.

How it Works

The Worship School is designed to be completed in three, six-month Tracks. Each Track begins with an onsight Intensive and is followed by six months of once-a-week online coaching that happens in Huddles. During the onsite Intensives, we spend five days together in an immersive experience where we focus on what we’ll be working through for the next six months via the online Huddle. We have designed our Intensives to provide students great teaching, great community, and great food. Hospitality is an essential aspect of life and living out worship, so students are invited into our homes and our hearts for this journey.

Track 1 focuses primarily on character, Track 2 on competence, and Track 3 brings it all together by giving practical discipleship training so students are fully equipped to begin building culture by discipling leaders in their own context. Tuition costs cover lodging, meals, and activities at the Intensive, as well as the six months of weekly online Huddles that follow once students return home.



$3,000 per Track

($9,000 over 18 months)


The three Intensive weeks are held onsite in Colorado Springs and followed by six months of weekly coaching in online Huddles once students return home.

We also offer a fully online version of the school with the same content from the Intensives as recorded lectures. Online students then join in the same weekly Huddles as onsite students. Tuition for online school is $2,000 per Track.