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Q: I need music lessons. Can you Help?

A: Yes!

First: Get the “amazing slow downer.” It’s a free app that is a game changer.

Second: All of my friends below teach lessons online. This is 1,000,000x more helpful than just finding tutorials on Youtube. Reason being: you need someone who can see/hear you play, sing, etc, so they can give specific feedback and hold you to strategic accountability on your technique, goals, and progress. In six weeks of guitar lessons with Matt McMichael (listed below) I improved more than the previous six years on my own.

For Vocals: Addi Panter is a longstanding team member at 10KFAM, and she is a world-class vocal coach. Email her at

For Guitar: Matt Podesla is an old friend who’s played for everyone from Tomlin to Redman (He may have even had the high honor of playing with me, haha!). Great player. And an even better person.

For Ableton / Synthesis / Programming: Matt McMichael is the best kept secret I know of. Matt traveled with me for years, arranged, DJ’ed, produced. He’s amazing at most instruments too.

For Bass: Zach Smith is an old graduate of 10KFAM Worship School. One of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard, and an equally stunning bassist!

For Piano / Keys: Seth Putnam graduated from Berkley (!), has a gorgeous, pure heart of worship, and blows my mind on piano.

If you’re looking for help on any other instruments, or departments (lighting, sound, etc), just let us know. We’re happy to connect you with some of the best in their fields!

If you still don’t think personal lessons are for you, let us recommend our friends at Worship Artistry. They’ve got over 600 online worship song tutorials for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals. The lessons are the most thorough you’ll find and the lesson environment features tools for every skill level.

You can try them for free here.