Next Worship School Track Begins April 15-19, 2024
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Scholarship Application

Thanks for reaching out to us about financial aid for 10,000 Fathers and Mothers. We certainly understand financial limitations, and we are always praying for God to provide funding for scholarships. We’ve seen Him provide miraculously time and time again, and we know if God’s in this—and the timing is right—He’ll provide for you too!

As much as we’d love to have everybody be a part of our Schools, we really want everyone who does begin to also be able to finish! And what we’ve observed repeatedly is this: If somebody can’t find the faith to do this, they’ll never be able to do what’s coming next (i.e., if you can’t leverage your faith and resources for the first step of this journey, you’ll be equally paralyzed when we get to latter steps too). For this reason, we see it actually not even being about money, but capacity. If God is calling you to this, then what are you willing to sacrifice to follow His calling?

So, before we consider scholarship applications, we require our applicants to fast and pray for financial breakthrough themselves and with their communities, to plan wisely (allocating finances towards their participation in this school), and to diligently and prayerfully raise support from their families, churches, and communities. If no one in your family, church, or community is willing to support you for this, it may not be the best step, or the right timing.  

It’s amazing that people never think twice about raising support for a week-long mission trip, but it doesn’t occur to them to raise support for something as life-changing and on-going as Worship School.

The kind of leaders we’re looking for are those who are so confident in the call of God on their lives that they will figure out how to make it work. These are the leaders we’ve seen, year after year, who ultimately go on to make exponential impact in the future. This is not to discourage you, but rather encourage you to stretch your faith and capacity before simply applying for a scholarship. 

Once you’ve done that, please fill out the rest of this application. We look forward to hearing the stories, and celebrating with you, for how God provides!