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The Importance of Worship School in Modern Day

For over a decade, Vanderbloemen has been a leader in staffing for Christian organizations. Because they live and breathe placement for all key positions at churches or NPOs, they’ve come to be a trusted voice all over the country for ministry teams and what they need for growth and sustainability. In late 2023, 10KFAM and Vanderbloemen became strategic partners. For 10KFAM’s part, we hope to be a resource to those churches and pastors with established relationships with Vanderbloemen if they ever find themselves in a position of wanting to further equip their Worship Pastor and deepen their worship culture. Lauren Settembrini, Executive Director of 10KFAM, had a chance to sit down with Vanderbloemen Executive Search Consultant Kristin Fry to discuss the importance of Worship Schools in the development of modern day Worship Pastors.

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